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River Deep, Wedding High

Not everybody wants a dream wedding in Saint Paul’s Cathedral like Lady Di, but more and more people are looking for different ways to start married life. At 7 o’clock on the morning of September 14th, 2013, Ramón and his climbing club ascended the mountain, while at 8.30 the bride, Gussi, and guests walked up on the opposite side at a more leisurely pace.

Valencia Cinema Route Inaugurated

One of the lesser known features of Valencia is as a location for set-jetting (cinema tourism). Spain’s most famous web site for set jetting in Spain is run by Valencia-based English teacher and writer Bob Yareham and Telecommunications Engineer Juan José Cermeño, and includes a section on Cinema Cities, one of which is Valencia.

Nacho Baños: His Guitar is Laughing not Weeping.

A small shop in Russafa connects music lovers in the USA with those in Spain and all over Europe. Of course you cannot be fanatical about guitars unless you actually play them, and in 1994 Nacho started a group called ‘Tres Hombres’, in homage to the hairy American group ZZ Top. Surprisingly there are three men in the group, Nacho being joined by Manuel Ugarte and Yago Soriano, with whom he recently toured his beloved USA. 

Stop, Hey, What’s DAS Sound?

Founded in 1971 at tiny premises in Valencia’s Calle de Mar by a young industrial engineer named Juan Alberola, Dynamic and Sound (D.A.S.) Audio has in its 40 plus years of evolution developed into an international brand name of prestige in the world of sound systems.

Rafael Guastavino

Rafael Guastavino is not terribly well known in his native Valencia. He is however much appreciated in the city he helped to build; New York, New York. In the news because his house has been bought and saved from demolition by a Republican candidate for Mayor of New York, VLC News reviews the career of this great Valencian.

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