Nombre del autor:Miguel Huesa

Cricket Comes to Valencia!

If you go down to the Turia today you’re sure of a big surprise, at least if it’s a Thursday evening, when you can enjoy the exceedingly pleasant spectacle of men in white playing cricket, the game that helped build the British Empire. Any member of the British Empire, or Commonwealth as some fools prefer to call it today, knows that, wonderful as Valencia is, there was always one thing missing; cricket! 

Diablito Tango

Valencia’s Opera Orchestra has many hidden talents, including the multinational group Diablito Tango, a French cellist of Algerian origin, an American double bass player from a military family and an Argentinian viola player: Made in Valencia

Calle Jorge Juan

Even the people who live in them often don’t know the origin of their street names. Calle Jorge Juan is a street with many shops, particularly those dedicated to home decoration. It also has a small, indoor shopping centre of the same name.

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