Postiga and… who else?

So, the deal between Valencia and Zaragoza is done. Closed. Only a couple of small kinks have to be ironed. Helder Postiga will be one of Soldado’s replacements. The other one is still unknown. Braulio Vázquez and Amadeo Salvo are knocking at every doorstep in Europe, looking for the stryker who can fill Soldado’s shoes with ease. It won’t be a simple task.

Last week Soldado concluded his turn to the Dark Side after sprouting venom on his last press conference in Valencian territory. He was angry with the new president Salvo, and didn’t make the effort to hide it. His last words were poignant: “I don’t believe in this project”. And off he went, in a low cost airplane, to the Premier League. Meanwhile, his profile is still used at some marquees here in Valencia. Ain’t it ironic?

Soldado’s rocky goodbye has surprisingly reinforced Salvo’s position as a strong president who won’t be pushed around by a player’s agents. His tough negotiation with Zaragoza in the Postiga deal can be marked as another win for the businessman. Now, closing the deal on a world class stryker that brings hope back to the yearning crown may be the ‘hat-trick’ that every Valencia CF has ever wished for.

Ten days from now, the crowd will eagerly await both Valencia and Malaga on the gleaming pitch of Mestalla. And the fans expect something fresh, new, captivating and mesmerizing. Something that can equal the magnificent sensation achieved last Sunday, when the team completely obliterated Internazionale at the game played in New York. The good lads over the Penya Valencianista USA attended the best performance of this pre-season, with Banega commanding a team of aggressive warriors who do not fear passing the ball with skill and wit. The Italians tried stomping as their last resort, but Djukic’s men were too much for them. The humiliating 4-0 is as eloquent as it gets.

In Germany –I was there, I should know-, Dejan Illic and the manager’s collaborators were keen on charging the players’ ‘batteries’, with lots of physical training and no importance given to the results obtained at the friendly games at all. Things are different two weeks later. The players have grown stronger and their stamina is close to their optimal level, so they play better, run more and are fresh enough to keep on going for ninety minutes. The hard work done so far is paying off. Now, only if the desired striker could be signed before the game against Malaga…


Paco Polit (@pacopolit)

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