Tips for Keeping the Flame Alive at Sexual Games

People start turning up the heat in their romance as the climate warms and the days get longer. Couples may kindle that flash with a few creepy bedroom games. There are a few tried and tested suggestions for sex activities that will keep the light alive, whether you’re looking for sexual journey or just a little flirting and whimsical pre-sex.

– Tip 1: Movie Sex

Create a sex image from a intimate film with your spouse in your home. You can try picking out a kissing scene from a movie like Mohra ( starring Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar ) or a dance number from the movie Eyes Wide Shut. The secret to a sensual love-making session is to have fun and never take things too seriously; it’s all about having a great grin collectively as you clumsily attempt to deliver the arcs.

– Tip 2: Time Bomb

By playing the ticking bomb game, you can refocus your forehand and increase its intensity. Pick a time interval – 20 minutes, for example– and indulge in risque teasing, touching, fondling, caressing and other forms of foreplay. The only exception is that no penetration is permitted after the timer has passed.

– Tip 3: Strip Poker

This is a seductive variation of poker, but with the clothes on. One partner takes down an item of clothing each round, starting with a shirt before moving on to a pair of shorts, a dress, or even the socks. The player with the most unclothed items still has the most points.

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