Salvo is no Man of Steel

Valencia’s new boss is no Superman. He can’t fly, can’t rely on his super strength and, obviously, he hasn’t got the wits needed to invent a machine that prints money. Lex Luthor would be a much better suited choice in that scenario. Because money is right now what Valencia lacks and needs desperately. Money to restart the works on the new stadium. Money that makes paying the bills easier. Money that plucks the club right out of the hole it has carved itself into within the last decade.

Salvo, though, has even less common features with Clark Kent. He strolls with confidence, while poor Clark needs to be silent and careful not to blow his disguise. Hearing Salvo’s speeches and innate way of talking, his entrepreneurial side comes to surface. He’s a winner, and tries to bring that winning attitude to the table in every project he embarks on. Clark? He’s a loser. That’s why his disguise -glasses or not- is so effective.

But even Superman has his long string of foes, waiting him to fail. Salvo is no different. Financial problems loom in the horizon, like a Darkseid waiting to deliver the final blow. On the day to day basis, he has to deal with a decision making process (sacking important men inside the club such as legend Albelda, scout Juan Sánchez or Paco López, the manager of the youth squad) that would make Lex Luthor send shivers down his spine. And his timetable is a mad spree of celebrations, meetings, interviews and all-around activity that could perfectly be a product of Mister Mxyzptlk’s mad mind.

Salvo seems to be able to cope with everything. At least on the few weeks he has been Valencia’s new president. But he’ll have to learn to delegate some of his responsibilities, work around some of his bad habits during press conferences –why ‘newbies’ always insist on making promises they don’t know if they’ll be able to fulfill?- and learn the ‘game of thrones’ inherent to every Board of Directors that has governed –or tried to- Valencia CF over the last two decades. He’s not perfect, and he shouldn’t try to. As I said earlier, Salvo is no Man of Steel. He is human, and he’ll need help. He will try, succeed and fail. But, considering the other options, not becoming a new Bizarro should be good enough for us.


Paco Polit (@pacopolit)


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