The newest lovestruck Sakura goes toward their unique area, where Kero candidates the Watery card was behind they

The newest lovestruck Sakura goes toward their unique area, where Kero candidates the Watery card was behind they


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  • 2 Area
  • step three Letters
  • 4 Checked Notes
  • 5 Looked Dresses and Garments
  • six Estimates
  • seven Trivia
  • 7.1 Difference between the fresh new manga and you will comic strip
  • eight.dos Difference between Cardcaptor Sakura and you can Cardcaptors

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Sakura was willing to end up being asked off to new aquarium by her break, her brother’s closest friend, Yukito. However, a strange event you are going to destroy their unique finest day.

Sakura Kinomoto’s classification goes on a school stop by at Tomoeda’s tank. Sakura is thrilled on the penguin live show, but a mysterious whirlpool materializes regarding the tank and you may almost drowns one of several penguins while the trainer. Sakura’s sister, Touya, looks, operating area-time due to the fact an effective feeder, and you may dives into liquid, releasing the newest penguin and you may teacher. Home, Sakura tends to make pancakes while the informing Kero of your situation. Kero is much more wanting this new pancakes but is still perplexed from the feel. Touya returns off really works, forcing Kero to escape upstairs. Sakura becomes quite sheepish to Yukito and you can she requires your when the however including pancakes as he and you will Touya study. Sakura later on provides pancakes in order to Touya’s place, Yukito claiming the guy had a sense she is future.

Immediately after delivering a lovestruck Sakura in order to their sensory faculties, Kero demonstrates to you in regards to the five essential notes, and you can tells Sakura by using brand new cards she already provides, she will must built a solution to bring Watery. Sakura contemplates possible preparations, pondering how-to get h2o. After school, Tomoyo gets Sakura a couple of cell phones developed by their particular mom’s doll business, one to to possess their unique and something having Kero, Tomoyo having a third mobile phone by herself. The girls wade its independent ways, but Sakura becomes alarmed you to definitely she’s going to falter just like the a good Cardcaptor. She runs into Yukito, who proposes to bring their to a restaurant once the many thanks for the latest pancakes. Sakura thinks of which getaway as the a date, and you can output household overjoyed, contacting Tomoyo towards the great news.

A day later, Sakura meets Yukito but is astonished once they go to the tank. Kero and Tomoyo realize all of them, about to pick Watery and you will flick Sakura’s first date correspondingly. Sakura is actually surprised by tank, and you can Yukito requires their unique into the building’s bistro, where Touya today performs just like the a waiter. The massive aquarium in the middle of the latest aquarium suddenly breaks, ton new aquarium. Sakura is trapped under water from the Watery, however, Yukito finds an axe and you can reduces a home, making it possible for the water to help you drain regarding place and you can bringing Watery in it. Touya rescues Sakura, providing their unique for the stairs where Tomoyo and you will Kero was. Kero implies they grab Watery you to definitely nights, but when Sakura asks why their unique members of the family have been in the fresh aquarium, it dodge issue. Yukito apologizes to possess not being able to receive any bare frost, motivating Sakura for you to simply take Watery.

You to definitely night, Sakura, Tomoyo, and you may Kero sneak toward aquarium. Sakura and Kero attract out Watery, and with Sakura’s use of the Fly card, head it down seriously to this new aquarium’s freezer, in which it’s involved with Windy and you may suspended good. Sakura successfully grabs Watery that is pleased to Yukito.

In the Cardcaptors dub, new patch throughout the Sakura going on a date which have Yukito are changed, to your a couple of them fulfilling because of the happenstance from the tank. Sakura’s propose to grab Watery (referred to as «Water» from the dub) was trickier, Kero telling their she need carry out a combo with african beautiful women one or two notes so you’re able to effortlessly just take Watery, although this area part is not transmitted over inside the Sakura’s ultimate fight with new Natural card.

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