Verses: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, The latest Sentinel, Buffy the new Vampire Slayer, NCIS, CSI (all/any), Supernatural, etcetera

Verses: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, The latest Sentinel, Buffy the new Vampire Slayer, NCIS, CSI (all/any), Supernatural, etcetera

Particular WeirdAss Combo

Title: Particular WeirdAss Mix (need term – advice welcome) Author: Rowaine () Summary: Putting together an offworld, out-of-galaxy expedition is much simpler than it appears… especially with some assistance from an alien busybody. Rating: FRM Pairings: several, ranged, cut (out-of each other variety) and you will het Warnings: Bien au, AR, Jokes, Romance, Smut, and you will a small amount of all else thrown into the just like the disease needs they ! Significantly more are added as expected. Author’s Notes: Just before reading this article, delight keep in mind I’m credit emails and general information from their particular residents. Don’t predict cannon! I’ll be throwing away unnecessary circumstances regarding the modern show (plural) which you can split the hair on your head aside selecting some semblance out-of fact. Merely squeeze into the newest move, enjoys a few laughs and you may hefty breathing minutes, and savor. This is exactly created far more having my own fulfillment than one thing. Here around getting zero Mary Sue’s otherwise Gary Stu’s, but the occasional OC often body in which I decided not to find out the best place to inexpensive someone else’s out-of *grin* Disclaimer: Gods, how to start? Let’s put an excellent blanket “I do not very own one character you comprehend” in the right here. Anybody trying to nitpick throughout the which conglomerates very own and this collection, go ahead and email myself and I’ll fundamentally include it with my cards somewhere. Whether your letters and you can/otherwise galaxies belonged in my opinion, I would end up being way of life high and you may free of costs debt collectors.

Recently commissioned Brigadier Standard Jack O’Neill (with two L’s) brushed the tiny dust motes regarding his arm for a last day, straightened his safety, and you may consumed profoundly. He had zero interest in governmental games of any sort, but it was one meeting the guy couldn’t prevent. Otherwise push off with the his my site 2nd-in-Command, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter.

A guide established the newest lobby door, gesturing him into the fresh President’s individual place of work. “Sir, Mr. Chairman will truly see you today.”

“Many thanks, Mr. Cawlson,” Jack grinned at the rapidly retreating setting. Hell, We wouldn’t require his business no matter how much it reduced me personally. Discuss for the-the-jobs stress!

Another washing breathing. I could accomplish that. I must do this. Jack strode towards workplace, closing the entranceway securely about your. The guy given their Chief-in-Head a crisp salute, losing into the a sloppy procession other individuals that have a smile. “Mr. Chairman, I’ve just got straight back of a conference with the help of our Asgard allies…”

An icy-cold alcohol in one give, Jack sank on his lounger which have a sound. Not even an informed produce can make this day smoother. After every one of the shag-ups, all the black colored scratching and account out-of borderline insubordination, in addition they nonetheless marketed him. Facing his tend to, actually! Provided, he wasn’t bringing one young, and his awesome legs was in fact a danger oftentimes. But nevertheless…

Particular WeirdAss Combo

General George Hammond is by far the best commander he’d ever served with. As well as the sneakiest young man off good bitch oftentimes. However already been pulled straight-out of one’s infirmary off SG1’s newest FUBAR goal, plaster still drying on the his busted remaining hand, so you’re able to a laid-back ceremony regarding clutter hallway.

It had been high enjoying Carter’s face due to the fact she gotten their own venture so you’re able to Lieutenant Colonel. She it really is earned this new prize, and having Jacob (and you can Selmak) there clearly was just the icing toward cake. Rips decrease freely, no matter if nobody is actually daring sufficient to phone call Jacob inside it. It was a dad’s prerogative, at all, to obtain a little weepy more his daughter’s successes.

Others two members of its cluster stood by instance doting old uncles. Dr. Daniel Jackson, multiple PhD and all sorts of around see-it-all, the best pal Jack had ever had, did his better to stand at notice in the with the-foot fatigues. You would can’t say for sure it to adopt him today, but Daniel however loathed the latest armed forces place. The guy performed the brand new consistent pleased, particularly for being a civil builder roped with the this loony bin. From the his side loomed their alien teammate, Teal’c, position thus tall and you can straight he considered be manufactured from stone. A defectively smug phrase (observed merely to people who know him finest) try place completely to the his deal with as he noticed what is going on that have fulfillment.

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