Canadian Rock Blasts Valencia

One example of the diversity of music available in Valencia is Daze of Dawn a rock and roll trio led by Canadian guitarist and vocalist Claude Robillard, who along with local talent Carlos Sánchez, bass, Miguel Angel Nueda, drums and supporting keyboard player Gabriele Del Vecchio, will be presenting their fifth album SOFA KING COOL this Friday, 14th June at the Murray Club (Blasco Ibañez 111, Valencia).

Among the songs is there new single FALLING IN LOVE, one of 14 new songs including 2 cover songs: You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette and I Am The Walrus a psychedelic Lennon and McCartney classic.

SOFA KING COOL, is available for download worldwide on via iTunes, Amazon, and all other major music download portals. The single FALLING IN LOVE is available for immediate download on Bandcamp with an album pre-sale purchase.

Recording SOFA KING COOL comes as a result of the band winning the grand prize of SONA LA DIPU 2012, a major province wide Pop-Rock contest in Valencia, Spain and organized by La Diputatión de Valencia.  The grand prize included a full length album recording and production, as well as a festival tour for 2013. The first concert in this tour series was on March 9th for over 5,000 rock fans in Jardines de Viveros during Fallas 2013 in Valencia.

SOFA KING COOL’s musical style and vintage instrumentation sends the listener back to the 70s incorporating hard-rock, retro, funk, soul, folk, psychedelic blues and acoustic music.

The album was recorded in RC Estudios (Xativa, Spain) by Pau Chafer, mixed by Grammy winning engineer Manu Tomás and Produced by Claude Robillard.

In line with the latest marketing and distribution strategies, and depending on the ticket price chosen, concert goers will receive (on the night of the concert) the album in CD format, Download Card format or just the single in Download Card format.

And if you’d rather stay at home and put the kids to bed or treat yourself to pizza and six pack, you can still catch the concert live through the INTERNET BROADCAST via NOISE OFF FESTIVAL. 23:45 (+1 GMT)

Although Claude is from Canada, his wife Elena Jimenez was born in Melilla but studied architecture at Valencia’s Polytechnic University.

Being respectively from Canada and Melilla, it was inevitable that they should meet in Japan.

Claude was there teaching English, although he is also a graphic designer. Elena was doing her final project in Japan at the Mie University, a project that was supposed to see the building of faculties, dormitories and a museum, and for which she received high marks.

Her collaborations with other architectural studios have seen her participating and frequently take charge of projects such as housing, hospitals and office blocks, as well as restoration work of historical buildings such as a13th century monastery or a 15th century church; or even designing stage and sets for an opera or a family vault in Valencia General cemetery.

There are few things that Elena won’t turn her hand to; she was at one time editor of a Valencian-based architectural magazine of a series of books of high-end Spanish architecture projects for example, although her dream and idea of heaven remains that of building a skyscraper.

This young couple from overseas have made their home in Valencia, where along with their seven dogs, each of them in their own special way is planning to reach for the stars. The music at the Murray Club begins at 23.45 hours.

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